The Dangers of on-line file hosting sites.

A group of researchers set out to determine just how “private” files uploaded to File Hosting Services are. They discovered that it was quite simple to create scripts to act as web crawlers to explore these sites and return a list of lies that can be downloaded.
When someone uploads a file it is assigned a unique number. In many cases it was as simple as randomly feeding the website the unique numbers to gain access to files that others had uploaded.
Perhaps even more telling, the researchers found that files that they had uploaded and then monitored were being accessed. In a months’ time 80 different IP addresses accessed the test files over 275 indicating that this weakness is already being used as a tool to actively search for “private” data and files.  Over 75% of the un-authorized file accesses came from Russia and the Ukraine.
The only way to ensure that your data is secure to keep your data on systems that you own and are under your control.

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