Customizing & Enhancing Speaker Sounds in Windows 7

Quite often users find that their sound volume is not to your satisfaction or not as loud as you would like it to be especially when using a laptop, even though both, the volume mixer and the application’s volume is set to maximum level. Windows 7 includes some additional settings to enhance the sound quality by making a few changes to your current speaker configuration.

To do so, right click on the speakers icon on the right side of your Windows taskbar and select Sounds.

Windows 7 sounds options settings screenshot 1

Click on the Playback tab, select Speakers and click on Properties.

Windows 7 sounds options settings screenshot 2

Here you can select the enhancements to apply for your current speaker configuration.

Click on Settings tab of each of these options to further fine tune the sounds.

Windows 7 sounds options settings screenshot 3

– Bass Boost will boost the lowest frequencies

– Virtual Surround will encode surround audio for transfer as stereo output

– Room Correction will compensate for room & speaker characteristics

– Loudness Equalization uses understanding human hearing to reduce perceived volume differences.

Checking the Loudness Equalization option may increase the volume a bit.

While not perfect, by playing with these options it is possible to tweak the sounds produced by your laptop to tailor them to your environment to improve sound quality.

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