Hosted Exchange

Using a Hosted Exchange service has many advantages for companies large and small. In these days with an intense competitive business environment, companies are turning to cost-effective solutions that help in the long term. With Hosted Exchange, the purchase and sale of any process on the Internet becomes much easier for a company. This translates into better performance and higher long-term benefits. Here are some of the benefits offered by hosting Exchange:

  • The Hosted Exchange provider is responsible for the security and maintenance of your Exchange Server.
  • They work to keep network problems and viruses away while you concentrate on other key areas of your business.
  • With the Hosted Exchange Server allows the Implementation of new technology without interrupting the operation of existing functions anyway.
  • There is no capital expenditure in Hardware and Software to implement the Exchange Server.
  • There are many economies in terms of time. Your company will not need the services of a Exchange administrator.
  • The hosting company will handle all administrative tasks and gives you time to concentrate on other areas of your business.
  • In addition, support will also service all day on the provision of service.


Advanced Network Consulting’s preferred Hosted Exchange partner is Messagedisk. Messagedisk is a Southern California based Hosted Exchange provider. Messagedisk sets itself apart from other Hosted Exchange providers with the level of customer service they provide. Over the last few years Advanced Network Consulting has referred  many clients to Messagedisk and all have been extremely satisfied with Messagedisk.

About Advanced Network Consulting:

For businesses in LA and OC needing network support, remember that ANC offers same day service, scheduled maintenance appointments, and emergency calls. As our client, your company’s network security is our top priority.  ANC performs routine maintenance, software updates, and system upgrades as part of your network security.  Advanced Network Consulting has been servicing clients throughout Southern California for nearly 20 years.  We’ve seen every form of viruses out there and our techs are constantly educating themselves on the latest threats and tactics.  With two offices strategically located in La Mirada to serve Southeast LA County and North Orange County, and an office in Irvine to service South Orange County, same day appointments, scheduled maintenance and remote access appointments, phone support, and emergency calls are available 7 days a week.