Outlook 2013 and easier collaboration with Site Mailboxes

Here is a great blog post from the official Microsoft Outlook 2013 blog that details the new Site Mailboxes feature in Outlook 2013:

“by Outlook Team – on November 07

Are you working in a team that has information interspersed amongst SharePoint document libraries, emails, and message attachments?  If so then you can relate to the problems around keeping your team’s knowledge organized in a centralized location, and trying to comply with your company’s information retention policies. This is a common situation for many teams in organizations large and small. 

With Site Mailboxes for Office 2013, teams can now bring together Exchange emails and SharePoint documents into one single place.  Team members will be able to access all of the content from the team’s SharePoint site as well as Outlook, where the Site Mailbox shows up with all their other folders.

Key Site Mailbox advantages:

LA & Orange County network support for small and medium size businessesEmails and documents live together: You can now see and organize documents and related project materials all in the same place.  Everything surfaces via the familiar Outlook interface and users can interact with the Site Mailbox’s contents as they do any other mail account.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 screenshot - Site Mailboxes in Outlook

Network support and management for small businessesManagement and Compliance:  Site Mailboxes simplify IT compliance requirements and avoid the need for fine grain policy application by the user on every item they wish to keep.  Your team can just place documents or emails into the Site Mailbox, and the compliance requirements are seamlessly handled on the back end via the SharePoint site.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 screenshot - Creating Site Mailboxes in SharePoint

For more details on this great feature, check out this great post from the Exchange team with lots of details on all the various aspects of Site Mailboxes. ”

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