Windows 8 – New, Refresh, and other commands in apps

Here is a recent post from the Microsoft “Getting to know Windows” Site:

Commands like New, Refresh, and Play are a key part of using apps. They’re how you do things like add attachments and make text bold in an email, and pause and skip tracks while listening to music. These commands are important, but you only need them occasionally and they can take up a lot of room. To give you the whole screen for things like reading a webpage or watching a video, app commands now stay out of sight until you need them. When you’re ready for them, they’ll appear at the top or bottom of the screen, or as a menu on a selected item. For example, on Start you can swipe up or right-click to see the All apps command, or swipe down on or right-click a tile to select it and see ways to change that tile.

Here’s how to see most app commands:

Windows 8 - Swipe up to see app commands With touch, swipe up from the bottom edge or down from the top edge, and then tap the command you want.
Windows 8 -  See app commands with a mouse With a mouse, right-click within the app, and then click the command you want.

Here’s how to see commands for a specific item:

Windows  8 - Swipe down to select an item With touch, swipe down or across an item (like a tile or a photo) to select it, and then tap the command you want.
Windows 8  - Right-click an item to select it With a mouse, right-click an item (like a tile or a photo) to select it, and then click the command you want.

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