Latest version of Internet Explorer to be pushed to all via Windows Update

Microsoft announced that in January they will begin to push out the latest version of Internet Explorer to all windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 computers automatically via Windows update. Up to this point Internet Explorer has been an optional update.

Citing security benefits as the primary reason for the change in status on Windows update, the roll out will begin with Australia and Brazil in January, than go world-wide after they have assured there are no issues.

Microsoft release

Over all we at Advanced Network Consulting agree with this change in status for Internet Explorer, as each version is more secure and has brought additional functionality and support for web standards than the previous version.

There are several cases where businesses must remain on older versions of Internet Explorer; the two main reasons are that they are running a custom web app, or they have a business partner that has a site that still does not function properly with newer versions of Internet Explorer. In almost all of these cases, the issues stem from how the web app or site utilizes Active X.

For business in this situation Microsoft has released two patches that will override the automatic upgrade of Internet Explorer (one for Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 9):

Internet Explorer 9 Blocker Toolkit (for Windows 7)

Internet Explorer 8 Blocker Toolkit (For Windows XP and Windows Vista)

Installing the Internet Explorer Blocker Tool kit will allow you to upgrade your Web Browser when you choose and after you have had time to run a test deployment on one computer in the office before rolling out the update for the entire office.

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